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Me, My Ex and Her Kidnappers

Me, My Ex and Her Kidnappers is a gory dark comedy about an architect named Carlota who must save her ex-girlfriend, Barbara, from a band of misfit kidnappers. At her job and in her personal life, Carlota is known for being an obsessive perfectionist whose biggest fear is not attaining the success that her overbearing grandparents expect of her. With the goal of securing a big promotion at work, Carlota works day and night to create a building model to impress her boss. When her partner, Barbara, brings home a stray dog one night, her new pet wrecks the building model and Carlota suddenly ends their relationship out of anger. Immediately after the break-up, a violent criminal named Juan Bueno Santos, along with the help of his pastry chef brother, Pedro, and their insatiable lover, Cristina, kidnaps Barbara for ransom money. As Barbara tries to avoid being chopped up into pieces by her kidnappers, Carlota must learn to readjust her priorities and confront her fears to save the woman she loves.

Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English, French.
100 minutes
Carlota: Graziella Mazzone
Bárbara: Natalia Román
Juan: Claudio de la Torre
Pedro: Alexander Rivera
Cristina: Sheila Monterola
Writer-Director: Javiera Fombona
Co-producers: Esmeralda Da Silva, Javiera Fombona, José Sousa, Belén Orsini
Executive Producer: Belén Orsini
Director of Photography: Mauricio Siso
Art Director: Francisco Padrón
Production Designer: Diego Risque
Editor: Javiera Fombona
Music: Alonso Toro
Sound Designer: Gustavo González
Sound Director: Marco Salavarria
Production Company: Cinematografía Bastet C.A.
Coproduction Company: Xenón Film C.A.
With the Financial Support of: CNAC (Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía)